Pool Resurfacing Process



Step 1 – Drain

We will send an employee to prepare the site and drain your swimming pool and/or spa. We will confirm that all lights are working and tag them with a yellow tag that reads “do not turn on while your pool is empty”. We will then turn off all your equipment, and drop a submergible pump into your swimming pool to begin draining it.

Step 2 – Prep

The second step involves our expert sandblast, multi-coat, and strip crews for the preparation process. These crews thoroughly prepare your pool surface by removing old damaged surface material and preparing it to receive the new surface material of your choice. This stage is the loudest and dustiest stage of the project. We will cover and protect your backyard area as much as possible. Whenever possible, we urge the removal of any patio furniture, pots and plants surrounding the pool area to another location. Our crews will take special care to ensure that your backyard is restored to the same clean environment as when they began the process.

Step 3 – Tile and Masonry

Now that your swimming pool has been prepped, you are ready for Step 3, where our highly skilled tile and masonry craftsman install your selected pool tile, coping, and other decorative features such as ledger stone. All details regarding your swimming pool and outdoor living space should be completed and documented before this step begins. All grout color or tile must be selected, and should you have any special design ideas or requests, these decisions must be finalized at this point. This process can take anywhere from 1 to 3 working days.

Step 4 – Plumbing and Seal

The fourth step is to seal the plumbing to ensure that your pool is water tight and ready for your selected pool surface finish. We will also wash your pool shell at this time.

Step 5 – Pool Finish Material Installation

The fifth step involves the installation of the pool surface finish material you selected. Now your remodeled swimming pool really starts to take shape. This can be a 1-2 day process, depending on your material selection.

Step 6 – Acid Wash (optional depending on finish material)

If you have selected a Pebble, Hydrazzo, Beadcrete, or darker Quartz finish, it will be necessary to add the optional sixth step of an Acid Wash, a standard part of the process. Our crews are highly trained and skilled, and are able to perform this step in an efficient and safe manner.

Step 7 – Clean-up and Pool Fill

Once the specified material has been installed and acid washed (if needed), we will complete our general clean-up, and start to fill your pool. We request all homeowners to keep an eye on the water level as it fills, and turn the water off once the water level hits the middle of your waterline tile.

Step 8 – Initial Water Treatment/Surface Curing

The final step in the remodeling of your swimming pool, referred to as the Initial Water Treatment step, is one of the most important steps to be completed for the extended look and life of your new pool surface material. Please see the next section of our website labeled “Initial Water Treatment” for more details on this process. Once your pool is full of water again, several procedures need to be performed to allow the surface to cure as evenly as possible.

This process requires regular monitoring and service during the first seven days of the curing process. Please contact your pool service professional to see if they are available to perform this very important step. If your pool service professional is not available or would prefer not to perform these procedures, our team of trained professionals at Alan Smith Pools will be happy to perform the initial water treatment process.

Our crews, throughout the process of remodeling your swimming pool, take great pride in cleaning and removing all construction materials from your property each day of the project. A thorough and final clean up is performed at completion. If you have any questions about our process, please don’t hesitate to call or contact Alan Smith Pools. Our team is here to help and support you in any way we can.

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