Pool Repair


We Repair Pool Plaster, Tiles, Mastic and More

If you’re looking for a pool repair in Orange County, Alan Smith Pools has over thirty-five years experience. Whether it’s patching a section of defective plaster, fixing some broken tiles, or replacing some separating mastic, we can handle smaller repair work. We do have minimums to handle smaller repairs, but these prices go down if we are doing re-plastering work along with the repairs.

Save Money with Preventative Maintenance

Like anything, the costs of pool repair in Orange and Los Angeles County drop significantly with some basic preventative maintenance and repair.

  • Mastic. Replace mastic around your pool and spa.
  • Tiles. Replace broken tiles or coping pieces.
  • Coping. Reset loose coping without having to pay to replace.
  • Plaster. Patch small areas of defection plaster or pebble.
  • Steps. Fix cracks in steps of the pool or spa.
  • Plumbing Equipment. Replace copper plumbing at equipment.
  • Plumbing Lines. Replace cracked skimmers and leaking plumbing lines.
  • Concrete. Replace lifted sections of concrete.

Pool Repair in Orange County, CA

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