How We Tile a Pool

1. Chip away and remove old tile

2. Create an even surface by grinding down the area under the old tile, or building up areas that are not even with a mortar bed. This preparatory step ensures that there are no high or low spots that the tile will be laid against. We want the tile to be flush with the plaster.

3. Cut tiles for detail work around curves and on spillways. This is where the true skill and craftsmanship is very apparent.

4. Spread out thin set bonding agent where the tile will be placed on waterline. The thin set must be a swimming pool specific product. This is the “glue” that holds the tile to the edge of the pool.

5. Lay porcelain pool tile on the thin set. It is important that the tile is a pool specific, porcelain tile. The tiles are individually pressed into the thin set by hand or rubber mallet. It is important to let the tile set until firm.

6. Once the tile is firmly in place, we now spread our grout using a rubber floating tool. We will then sponge clean all excess grout.



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