Pool Automation


Is it true that turning on my heater and pump is now as easy as turning on my T.V?

Yes! There is no need to walk bare foot at night to turn on your heater or spa jets. With the Pentair Easy Touch System, you can control your pool and
spa from the comfort of your home…….or from anywhere really…..with the Screenlogic App, your pool can be controlled from anywhere in the world!

I like to entertain my guests by showing off my water features and lighting systems. Do the Easy Touch Controls do this too?

Your water features and fountains can be tied into the system and are now fully controllable with the Easy Touch. No need to find hidden valves in the bushes to turn water features on!

The system can also control bubblers, deck jets and laminars so you can have full control! The light shows are also available at the push of a button and will turn your backyard into a pool resort!

It sounds like the Easy Touch can control just about everything but my kids….are there any more capabilities?

Your pool filtration cycles and pool sweep can be integrated and programmed to run at energy saving speeds so you can capture your savings with new energy efficient equipment. Your landscape lighting can be tied into the system as well, so you have all your controls in one location. Your salt system can also be controlled from the automation as well as making it easy to monitor salt and chlorine levels.

Do I need a computer science degree to be able to operate this system?

We offer a training and orientation after we install the Easy Touch System. We can set it up for you so all you need to do is press one button for the function you choose. You will find the system is very intuitive and is the system of choice for many pool service professionals due to the ease of use and reliability. Remember, Alan Smith Pools is a Pentair Authorized installer so we can offer an extended warranty on this product. We have installed 100’s of these systems which means we know how to install and set it up right the first time!



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