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How a Pool Acid Wash Can Make Your Pool Beautiful Again

So your pool surface has a few unwanted stains on it. Luckily, a pool acid wash can take care of it, making it look like new. How do the stains happen? It’s simple, really. Living in a desert, sometimes dirt blows in your pool and collects over time. Eventually, the dirt, algae, calcium and rust start to add up over time, leaving unwanted stains. The good thing is that an acid wash can take care of that, making your pool beautiful again.

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How Pools Stain with Mineral Buildup

It’s a fact. Pools stain with mineral buildup. It happens naturally.

Even if you never set foot in your pool, think about the microscopic dirt particles from both rain and tap water. They usually build up over time, settling on the bottom of your pool. And what about blowing winds, falling leaves, local birds, and thirsty bugs—they all bring their own impurities into your pool. Now let’s go ahead and add back in the usual suspects—kids, friends, family, even pets—full of lotions, oils, and even an occasional potty accident… It’s the perfect recipe for a mineral buildup pool. And what if you learned that an imperfect water chemistry (pH balance) can really make matters worse?

Even with regular, professional pool cleaning, pools stain with mineral buildup. And to get them clean, like really clean, pool owners get what is called a pool acid wash every 3-10 years (depending on many unique factors). And if you’re a commercial pool owner, you can plan on getting a pool acid wash just about every other year.

What is a Pool Acid Wash?

how to make a pool beautiful againStrictly speaking, a pool acid wash is a method of deep cleaning a residential or commercial pool by pouring straight or diluted acid onto the surface. The acid cleans scale, salt, calcium, rust, and discoloration from the pool’s surface.

Why You Should AVOID a Drain & Clean Acid Wash

Traditionally, however, an acid wash meant draining your pool, drying it out, and pouring straight acid onto the surface. This was a bad idea for so many reasons. First of all, drying out the surface of your pool is one of the worst things you can do for it. Second, pouring straight acid on your pool surface—while effective at destroying dirt and stains—is equally effective at destroying the life expectancy of your pool surface! And three, you just wasted all that water—which in Southern California can be a precious commodity.

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Introducing a No-Drain Pool Acid Wash Alternative While Conserving Your Pool Water

Alan Smith Pools, we offer a no-drain alternative. Our new technology allows us to add acid and other chemicals to the water without draining. The chemicals slowly melt away all the calcium scale and metal deposits from the surface, which puts them back into the water. We then use our highly developed water purification technology to turn dirty pool water into pure, drinking quality water. The great thing is this process can be done anytime of the year. It only requires shutting down the pool only for a few days. Plus, the process can extend your pool’s finish longevity by up to 50%. Not only are you conserving water but you’re not destroying your pool’s plaster.

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