Meet the Staff


alan-smithAlan Smith – CEO and Co-owner

With Alan’s knowledge of the pool industry and Teresa’s savings, Alan and Teresa Smith started Alan Smith Pools in 1981. Alan had previous experience in the pool industry, starting in 1974 at De Mar Baron as a mixer man and then was trained as a finisher. After a short time, Alan was a foreman leading pool plastering crews at the age of 19.

In 1989, after seeing a need for the pool plastering industry to adopt standards, he became one of the founding members of the National Plasterers Council. He is still an active member to this day and has served as President in past years. He was an integral part of getting The National Pool Industry Research Center funded and built.

Alan is highly involved in many facets of the industry and sits on the board for The California Pool and Spa Association. He is also an associate member of several organizations including Independent Pool and Spa Service Association, the United Pool Association, and the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute.

Alan’s compassion, understanding, fairness, and giving heart have earned the loyalty of his employees, many of which have worked at Alan Smith Pools for over 10 years.  He enjoys fishing, boating, and volunteering his time to Northrise University.

teresa-smithTeresa Smith – CFO and Co-owner

Teresa and Alan Smith started Alan Smith Pools in 1981. In the early days of the business, Teresa did mastic work, as well as all of the company’s financial aspects. Teresa is proud to be a co-owner of Alan Smith Pools because it takes everyone to be successful. She loves her dog and creating floral arrangements.


Residential Sales Team: Pool Construction, Remodeling and Outdoor Living

jeff-smithJeff Smith – Director of Residential Sales & Marketing

Jeff, son of Alan and Teresa Smith, began working at ASP full time in 2010 after completing his B.S. in Business Administration from Cal State San Bernardino. Jeff enjoys the challenge of growing the sales of the company and is proud to be a part of the family business his father and mother have built the past 35 years. Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 children.




chris-smithChris Smith – Pool Remodeling and Outdoor Living Designer

Chris, son of Alan and Teresa Smith, joined the family business in 2010, after working for three years at McCarthy Building Companies. His prior experience was in managing large-scale hospital construction, as well as earning a B.A. in Business Finance from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Chris was able to develop a positive relationship with the Orange County Health Department, which has helped streamline commercial operations processes. He truly loves anytime a customer is really excited about their finished product. When Chris isn’t working, he is fishing, camping, surfing, backpacking, or participating in Calico Bass Angling Tournaments.


Brett Gereau – Pool Remodeling and Outdoor Living Designer, 3D Design

In 2014, Brett joined the ASP team, after owning and operating a pool service and repair business for ten years. Brett is a speaker at the Western Pool and Spa Show where he taught pool service professionals how to better run their business.  He also hosted a podcast that focused on educating the pool service industry. Brett is confident in his work because he feels that he is representing a legitimate and honest contractor with integrity, and that through this he can better serve his customers. After quickly becoming one of top sales representatives at Alan Smith Pools, he was tasked with starting and running a new division at that focuses on conserving pool water by allowing a pool water to be purified without having to drain the pool. He is now back in sales full time after helping Purified Pool Water get off the ground. Brett was recently appointed to serve on the recreational water committee. Brett spends his free time with his family, off-roading, and camping.

jason-stewartJason Stewart – Pool Remodeling and Outdoor Living Designer

Jason brings many years of business and pool experience to Alan Smith Pools. He has a background in the restaurant industry where he successfully turned around underperforming franchises. Jason has worked as a service technician maintaining pools and repairing equipment.  Jason has a passion for the pool industry and loves getting to meet new people every day. Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children.



don-appleroseDon Applerose – Pool Remodeling and Outdoor Living Designer

Prior to working with ASP, Don was a pool remodel sales representative for 7 years, and also spent 10 years selling electronic components. Don thoroughly enjoys working with customers and draws upon his personal experiences of being a homeowner with a pool in helping customers understand pool and backyard renovations. He also enjoys working with ASP because it is a family oriented company with a great atmosphere. Don is also a girls’ softball umpire, loves playing golf, and considers himself to be a sports fanatic.



billdelanoyBill DeLanoy – Pool Remodeling and Outdoor Living Designer, 3D Design

Bill brings over 35 years of sales experience from the spa industry, solar industry, bathroom and kitchen sales and well as many other home improvement trades. Bill’s vast experience and knowledge enables him to guide his clients to the best solution and design for their pool renovation. Bill enjoys BBQ’ing and watching football in his free time.



Herman LempertHerman Lempert – Pool Remodeling and Outdoor Living Designer

Herman came to Alan Smith Pools after working in the pool remodeling industry for many years. He had always looked to Alan Smith Pools as the leader in the industry. Herman has over 30 years of sales experience. Herman loves people and is passionate about making sure his client’s needs are met.



Craig Swart – Pool Remodeling and Outdoor Living Designer

Craig brings a very diverse background that helps him with the complexities of the pool remodeling world. Craig has successfully sold roofing repairs, solar installations, and general construction services before coming on board with Alan Smith Pools. Craig quickly wins customers over with his engaging personality, attention to detail and professional demeanor. In his off time, Craig can be found writing music or spending time with his wife and daughter.

Ken Stewart – Pool Remodeling and Outdoor Living Designer

Ken has been selling new pools and renovations for over 25 years. After years as one of the top sales reps out of 300 at Anthony & Sylvan Pools, Ken decided to move out to California and take his talents to Alan Smith Pools. Ken loves talking to and spending time with people. He enjoys his job since he gets to meet with families every day and help make their lives more enjoyable with a new backyard. Ken spends his free time with his daughter.

John Dakota – Pool Remodeling and Outdoor Living Designer

John has been in the sales and marketing world for the past 20 years. He has worked in the automotive industry, home window industry, and stock market software industries. He loves the challenge of pool remodeling sales and always looks to do what is best for his customers.

Kenny Cloutier – Pool Remodeling and Outdoor Living Designer

Brian Scaplen – Pool Remodeling and Outdoor Living Designer

Derek Brownell – Pool Remodeling and Outdoor Living Designer

Michael Sickels –Pool Construction, Remodeling and Outdoor Living Designer, 3D Design

Mike has worked designing and selling pools for many years. He graduated with a degree in Industrial design and uses his drawing talents to hand draw his pool designs. Customers like dealing with Mike due to his honest, straight forward approach. They also appreciate the creative ideas he brings to the table.

Shaun McClure – Pool Construction, Remodeling and Outdoor Living Designer, 3D Design

Shaun has worked in all facets of pool service, pool repair and pool construction. Shaun’s thorough understanding of the construction process allows him to quickly come up with ideas and budgets. Customers love working with Shaun because of his vast knowledge, design ability and creativity.

Geoff Guzynski – Pool Construction, Remodeling and Outdoor Living Designer, 3D Design

ron-roushRon Roush – 3D Designer & Drafter

Ron brings a vast array of pool and design experience to Alan Smith Pools. His prior experience was in construction from digging and plumbing pools, installing equipment to even performing all other masonry and plastering trades on a pool. Ron has also worked as a service technician where he maintained pools and repaired equipment. Ron is also a Certified Pool Operator. He previously owned his own pool construction company where he designed, managed and built many pools in Orange County.  Ron has a passion for design and seeing the customers vision come to life. Ron enjoys coaching his children’s sports teams and spending time with his family.

Commercial Sales

kevin-kostkaKevin Kostka – Commercial Division Manager

Kevin has been a part of the ASP team since 1995. Prior to working at ASP, Kevin earned his B.S. in Biological Studies from Biola University, which lead him to successfully start and manage his own pool service company for 11 years. From his previous education and work experience, Kevin has brought a great wealth of knowledge and insight regarding the specific needs of the pool service industry. Kevin is responsible for organizing and successfully maintaining a profitable commercial division. He feels this is incredibly important because it adds to the strength and diversification of ASP. He enjoys basketball and volunteering his time with the TLC Sober Living House.

 Robin Kostka – Commercial Sales & Marketing

Due to the fast growth of the commercial division, she was recruited  by her husband, Kevin, to work full time in commercial sales & marketing where she quickly picked up the business. She enjoys taking on the challenges every day presents.


Scott Raze – COO

From 2006, Scott has been a crucial member of ASP. After studying architecture and business administration at Cal Poly Pomona, Scott developed the skills and a passion for designing and creating beautiful spaces. He has brought 35 years of experience from owning his own business, which completed projects involving landscaping, masonry, concrete, new residential and commercial pool construction, custom home and commercial renovations, and more. Scott has a long list of credentials and experiences which include: former Orange County Sheriff, certified arborist, ICPI Certified Paver Installer, certified pest control operator, certified erosion control specialist, irrigation auditor, and former home inspector. Scott is also a Licensed General Building Contractor and General Engineering Contractor with A, B, C-27, C-16, and C-53 licenses. Scott has relished being a part of ASP’s transition from doing just plaster work to a company capable of performing any and all aspects of construction. Scott rides horses whenever he gets the chance.

Dave Huiberts – General Manager

Dave has been an essential part of ASP since 1987. He has prior experience owning his own pool supply stores and working as an independent pool service technician. Dave deals with the daily challenges that arise, and successfully manages to make all the projects and everyone run cohesively. He enjoys gardening and spending time with his dogs and wife.

mike-mayernickMike Mayernick – Tile and Coping Division Manager

After owning his own company for 16 years, and with a total of 38 years of experience in tile and coping for residential and commercial projects, Mike joined ASP in 2010. Tapping into his many years of knowledge and experience, Mike helped to structure the tile and coping division to make it as streamlined and efficient as possible. He is happy working with such a trusting company and takes pride in his responsibilities. Mike realizes that jobs are at times challenging and constantly changing; and that every job, customer, and employee are all different. With this mentality, he is able to recognize the importance of approaching all project aspects individually and not as a one size fits all approach. He also spends time coaching an 18+ baseball league, participating in Kenpo Karate, golfing, and fishing.


patrick-jacksonPatrick Jackson – Plumbing and Electrical Division Manager

Patrick started working with ASP in 2011, bringing over 20 years of plumbing and electrical experience with him, as well as years of educational training from Hayward and Pentair. He feels it is great to be a part of a team that is so knowledgeable on such a variety of different aspects in the industry. Additionally, Patrick feels proud to be able to accomplish projects from simple plaster work to building a new pool and spa on a third floor in a condominium complex (one of his latest projects). Patrick is happy to be given the opportunity to help build ASP to where it is today, and is excited to see where it is going tomorrow. He loves fishing with his sons, going to their baseball games, and general family fun.



Jonathan Cardenas– Permit Coordinator

Dario Lopez – Project Manager

Dario started working on the demolition crew when he was 21 and quickly rose up the ranks to become a foreman of the plaster crew. Dario’s problem solving abilities and driving personality have earned the respect of his co-workers and customers.

Ray Cassey – Project Manager

In 2010, Ray became a part of the ASP team following 21 years of working with large-scale swimming pool work. He especially enjoys working with a family oriented company and feels the work he does improves the quality of life for his customers. He also enjoys working with such a diverse staff, offering an abundant amount of knowledge as well as a great team environment, in which everyone learns from each other by sharing experiences. Additionally, Ray loves anything to do with sports, whether it’s watching, attending, or playing!

Kelly Brooks – Project Manager

Rich Breeze – Project Manager

Robert Monroe – Project Manager

richard-leahyRichard Leahy – Water Treatment Technician

Richard started with ASP in 2012, after working for many years gaining experience in quasi-construction, merchandising, electrical, lumber, and building. He also has Navy service experience. Richard is proud to work for ASP because he feels the company is intimate and close-knit, and therefore you can hold yourself and the company more accountable. Richard enjoys mountain biking, kayaking, and riding his unicycle.

Purified Pool Water (a division of Alan Smith Pools)

Kent Westfall– General Manager for Purified Pool Water

Kent leads the Water Purification division of Alan Smith Pools. Kent has been plastering pools since the 70’s and at one time worked side by side with Alan as a pool plasterer. Kent’s experience and integrity have been key in the success of this new division.


raymond-dennisRaymond Dennis – Water Purification Technician for Purified Pool Water

After studying business, Raymond gained 23 years of commercial demolition experience before joining ASP in 2014. Raymond enjoys working in the fast-paced atmosphere at ASP because every job is a different challenge. He likes when customers are happy and satisfied with their finished product, and helping them get to that point. Raymond finds that teamwork, and being in a constantly learning environment, will help to broaden his scope of knowledge for future projects. In his spare time, Raymond motor races, off-road races, fishes, camps, and surfs.

Office Staff

danny-garzaDanny Garza – Office Manager and Scheduling Coordinator

Since 1999, Danny has been crucial to the operations of Alan Smith Pools. Before working at ASP, he dedicated four years to the US Marines, focusing on leadership training. Danny is proud to have been a part of ASP for so many years, working with the company from the ground up. He enjoys being able to grow with ASP as it has evolved. Danny spends time with his family and loves watching basketball and other sports.





Irma Curiel – Accounts Payable and Payroll

Bring 30 years of accounting knowledge and experience, Irma started at ASP in 2013. Irma has been thrilled to be a part of ASP’s growth and transition period and proud to help streamline payroll systems. She places the upper most importance on the accuracy and quality of her payables. Irma loves cooking, dancing, watching singing and dancing shows, and being creative.



douglas-hernandezDouglas Hernandez – Assistant Controller

Douglas has been with ASP since 2014, bringing with him 6 years of experience working with clients as a tax preparer. Douglas wants to make sure all of ASP’s clients are 100% satisfied with the work done for them and the level of communication. He likes being part of a team that values customer happiness so much, and where everyone wants to help the customer so no one gets left behind. Douglas enjoys hiking, running, camping, and generally being outside.



rossemary-barriosRossemary Barrios – Human Resources Director

Started working for ASP in 2015.  She previously worked in HR and Payroll Department at Nursing Facilities for 12 Years. She is proud to work with an amazing team that is very family oriented. She says everyone makes he feel welcome and she is here to stay. Her favorite part is interacting with employees and helping with whatever she can.
On her free time she likes to spend quality time with her family, bike to the beach, exercise, and meditate on God’s word.



racquel-marquinaRacquel Marquina – Project Coordinator

Racquel graced us with her presence in early 2015. She is certified in Medial Assisting and has previously worked in a Doctor’s office. She has spent several years in Human Resource related fields which is why she enjoys interacting and helping customers with communication throughout their project. On her time off, Racquel likes to cook, read, hike, volunteer in children’s programs and spend time with her family.



jimmy-azarraJimmy Azzara – Project Coordinator II

Jimmy joined the ASP team in early 2015.  Apart from working here, Jimmy is also a fulltime student, double-majoring at Chapman University.  He is proud to be with ASP because he enjoys helping customers get the backyard they’ve always wanted.  He enjoys the environment in which ASP operates and the relations he is able to create with his co-workers as well as the customers.  He enjoys physical fitness and furthering his education in his time off.




Catherine Hyland – Accounts Recievable

Catherine joined the ASP team in 2013 after previously working as a Veterinary Technician’s assistant. She is currently studying nutrition. She is proud that she is able to help customers solve any problems they may have, assisting to ensure that renovations are going smoothly. Catherine spends her free time with friends, exercises, and goes to the movies.

Kimberly Chavez – Project Coordinator