How it Works


Purified Pool Water is a mobile system that uses multiple membrane filtration units. The technology is similar to the reverse osmosis filter in your home, but industrial grade. It’s basically like a water bottling factory on wheels, only modified to meet a pool’s needs.

Our trailer is the most sophisticated water processing unit of its kind in the world.

The Problem

Swimming pool water ages over time. When filling a pool with water from a city or water district, that water contains some dissolved materials, the majority being salt and calcium. As water evaporates, only pure H2O leaves the pool, leaving everything else behind. As more water is added to refill the pool, the mineral levels increase.

Not only does this evaporation impact the health of pool water, but it also impacts the health of the pool itself.  Chemicals that are added to sanitize the water can also remain in the pool over time, causing similar issues.

Everything ever added to a pool is still in the water. It is dissolved and invisible, but still, exists.



As the calcium level increases, the water’s ability to hold in solution diminishes. The water will eventually become saturated, the calcium will “fall out,” and scale formation begins. The scale becomes more visible over time and left unchecked will develop a rough texture. It is not only unpleasant to the touch but also becomes unsightly on the plaster/pebble causing it to look dirty all the time.

Regional Implications

Scale, mineral, and chemical are most pronounced in the Southwest region of the United States. In many areas of the Country, pools are “winterized” which includes a partial or complete draining. You can get enough fresh water introduced to keep mineral levels low when winterizing a pool.

In other areas where people do not drain the pools, sometimes rainfall can “flush out” the water and keep it from aging too quickly.

Areas where winterizing pools and rainfall is limited face the greatest challenge. The more minerals in the fill water, and the higher the annual evaporation rate, the faster the problem compounds.

The Solution

Previously, the only solution to this problem is to drain the pool (either partially or entirely) and do an acid wash. An acid wash has worked for many years but is far from perfect.

There are a few problems with this solution:


Second, only to oxygen, water is an essential resource for all life. Drought or no drought, nobody likes draining pools. It is wasteful and costly to drain and refill the pool. As a result, pools are rarely drained when they should be, which compounds the build-up of minerals and chemicals.

Plaster (or Quartz or Pebble)

The interior finish of a swimming pool is a critical and expensive part of a pool. Plaster (quartz/pebble) is designed to be wet. Drying plaster out can be detrimental to the surface of the pool. When a pool drains, drying out is unavoidable. Even if a pool is drained and refilled to the top step, it can be dry for 24-36 hours. This time without water will shorten the life of the plaster.

Acid Washes

Acid washes are extremely harmful. During an acid wash, you pour an aggressive mixture of acid and water over the entire surface of the pool. This process essentially removes part of the outer layer of cement from the surface, shortening the life of the plaster.

Bottom Line: Traditional options are not adequate. A new solution is needed.

As minerals and chemicals build in a pool, the problem increases. Over time, water becomes more difficult to keep clear, balanced, algae free and sanitized. Your pool needs a way to remove the scale, dissolved salts, calcium and another particulate from the water.

New Solution

Finally, there is a solution that does not require draining. “Deep Cleaning” for pools is the responsible way to purify the water.

Step 1-Clean the Scale

The scale on the pool plaster has many different levels of visibility to it, but regardless of how easily you can see it, you must remove it.

So, the first part of the process is to remove the scale. We alter the water chemically, putting it in a dissolving state. The water goes to work on the scale build-up, dissolving it and putting the scale into solution. Depending on the pool and the extent of the scale, this can take anywhere from a few days to a week or more. You can dramatically improve the look of the plaster through this process.

Step 2-Clean the Water

Once the scale from the walls is a solution in the water, you must remove it. Previously the only option was to drain the water and replace it with fresh water.

Now the purification process to clean and preserve the water begins. The Purified Pool Water trailer contains very sophisticated, industrial grade reverse osmosis technology that will separate dissolved particulate from pure H2O, sending the clean water back to the pool. You can save up to 90% of the water through this process.

The purification process works on a cycle, so the water does not all leave the pool – it circulates through the equipment. It’s like dialysis for pools.

The Result

The result is beautiful, clean pool water. The water looks and feels, unlike anything most people have seen.


The perfect solution for apartment and condo complexes, HOA’s and Hotels

Commercial pools had very different needs from residential pools and handled differently. Commercial pools typically have a higher bather load, which requires more chemicals to keep the pool sanitized. The problem of aging water in commercial pools is compounded.

Commercial pool owners and property managers typically have two goals in mind:

  1. Keep the people swimming and the pool safe
    2. Minimize operating cost and downtime

Aging water is detrimental to both of these objectives.

Commercial pool operators are also concerned with plaster life. Aging water, draining pools and acid washes can have a detrimental impact on plaster.

Purifying pool water eliminates the need to drain pools while cleaning the water and preserving the plaster. With multiple available high capacity trailers, we are capable of treating any sized pool in a reasonable amount of time.


Purification for public, city, high school and university pools

Proper management of pool water chemistry requires a water replacement program, especially for public pools with a high daily bather load, high chemical demands, and water replenishment aged pool water.

With increasing pressure to conserve, what should responsible pool water management look like?

Traditional methods of dilution are inadequate for Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) control. Dilution refers to the practice of removing a percentage of the water (usually 5-10%) and replacing it with fresh water. The problem is that this process needs to be done many times over throughout the year to maintain the water chemistry effectively.

Purifying the pool water is an effective alternative to draining pools on a regular basis. It allows for pool management professionals to be responsible for the drought while maintaining the health of the pool.


As water becomes an increasingly precious commodity, the government continues to push for conservation.

What should a responsible pool owner do?

Pools are an iconic part of the Southern Californian lifestyle and culture and are not going away anytime soon. The best ways to preserve California’s pool culture is to care for them responsibly.

By purifying pool water instead of draining and refilling, residents can responsibly maintain a pool.

The Purified Pool Water staff has worked hard to create a stress-free process for residents looking to care for their pool responsibly.

It all starts with a free, poolside evaluation. There will be no heavy sales pitch and no obligation. One of our friendly, professional staff members will evaluate each pool individually. Our team will develop the best approach for your situation and provide you with a clear, written proposal.

Communication is critical for any working relationship, and we want you to be comfortable with every step in the process.

Purifying your pool involves two steps, dissolution, and processing.

During the dissolution service, a tech will be at your pool regularly for short visits, brushing the pool and maintaining the water chemistry.

Once the dissolution process is complete your pool will be scheduled for processing. We will park the processing trailer as close to the pool as possible, usually on the driveway or at the curb. Then the process begins!

After processing pool water through the trailer, it must be rebalanced. Our operator will make initial corrections to the water chemistry at the end of processing.

Within 1-3 days of processing, we will make our last stop at the pool. At that time, we will check the water chemistry and complete the pool purification process.

Contact Alan Smith Pools for Purification Services

If you’re looking to purify your pool water, contact Alan Smith Pools Today! Call us at or schedule online for a free pool evaluation. Of course, our trained staff can meet you poolside (recommended) or stop by and report back; we’re happy to give you a free, no obligation estimate and evaluation. Your free estimate will include a detailed analysis of the pool’s water chemistry along with an evaluation of the pool’s interior finish. From there we will provide a written proposal and recommended a course of action. Once you have made a choice to purify your pool water, we will schedule a time to get started. We communicate with customers by email, phone, and text and so you will always have a way to reach us if questions arise.

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