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The Pool Start-Up Process

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You’ve just had your pool resurfaced and you’re dying to jump in. The unusually hot spring weather makes swimming even more appetizing by the minute. But as you throw on your swimsuit and get ready to dive in, your pool tech stops you. “Sorry,” they say. “We know that water looks fun, but we need to finish the startup process.” We get it. Getting your pool resurfaced is really fun, especially if it means more time lazing in the water Read More

Why Choose Hydroblasting?


You’re thinking of having your pool’s surface redone when someone mentions hydroblasting. You scratch your head at the term. While you never really researched the best way to resurface your pool, you always assumed it would use some sort of jackhammer. You see it clearly in your head: people jackhammering away at your pool. It seems to work for roads, so why not your pool? While jackhammering your pool’s surface might have been an option in the past, there are some Read More

Top 10 Things to Look for in a Pool Contractor

Do you know what makes a good pool contractor? Rest easy – because we’ve put together this list of the Top 10 Things to Look for in a Pool Contractor, so you don’t have to worry! Simply use this great Top 10 list to help you select the best pool contractor for you and your pool! Download a FREE contractor checklist at the end of the list, too! A Good Pool Contractor Will: 10. Show You Past Customer Pools Upon Request Read More

Build Your Dream Pool Construction in 5 Easy Steps

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What does your dream pool look like? Flashy and modern? Classic and traditional? Luxurious and exotic? No matter your style, the right pool construction company can help you achieve the dream pool you’re looking for. If you’re a bit overwhelmed on where to start, take a deep breath and read on. We’ve compiled this short, easy-to-read, step-by-step list on how to achieve your dream pool. Just read below to find out how! Step 1: Get inspired for your pool construction. Read More

Cracked Swimming Pool Repair: How to Identify and Fix

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In Need of Swimming Pool Repair? It may be time for a swimming pool repair. Is your swimming pool cracked? Not working correctly? Have damaged equipment? Unsure of what to do? We have an easy solution for you! Just call the swimming pool repair experts at Alan Smith Pools for a FREE pool evaluation. No matter what your repair needs are, we can get your pool repaired in no time. We’ve been repairing, building, and renovating pools and spas in Read More

4 Differences Between Repainting vs Resurfacing

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When it comes to keeping your swimming pool in great shape, the dilemma of repainting vs. resurfacing comes to mind. Many ask the question, “Should I repaint or replaster my pool?” Both swimming pool renovation methods have advantages and disadvantages, but by far, the best choice in terms of maintaining and adding value to your pool is pool resurfacing. Let’s look at the facts: Repainting vs Resurfacing Your Pool 1 – Toughness When it comes to durability, both plaster and Read More

3 Reasons to Use 1 Company for Swimming Pool Renovation

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If you’re looking for a full swimming pool renovation service, you know just how much time and energy it takes to find the right contractor for the job. If you want to make it easier, though, there’s a way to do so! For those looking for a full renovation done efficiently and well, it is best to find a company that’s a one-stop-shop. It can be complicated, frustrating, and expensive to try to find different contractors to do different jobs on Read More

4 Things to Look for When Hiring a Pool Contractor

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Create a Masterpiece in Your Backyard When it comes down to it, you want a pool that matches the vision you have in your mind. The fountains, the sparkling water, all of it needs to be spectacular. Looking for the right pool contractor is important to building the perfect pool. You want something to really bring your backyard together. Also, you need something that will wow your guests. You can’t invite people over to your backyard if the pool just Read More

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Pool Plaster Repair

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Keep Your Swimming Pool in Ideal Condition Eventually, time catches up to your pool, and you will eventually need pool plaster repair to keep it both enjoyable and cost efficient. As the years pass, your pool isn’t as young and sturdy as it used to be. Sometimes, it’s just time to give your pool the makeover it needs. Why should you give your pool a new makeover? There are a lot of benefits to giving your pool a plaster makeover. But before you begin, Read More

10 Signs You Need Help from a Pool Resurfacing Service

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Listen to The Signs Is your pool screaming to get help from a pool resurfacing service? Well first off, do you know the signs your pool is giving you? Sometimes, the signs can be a bit obvious. But other times, you have to be certain in what you’re looking for. Your pool is very helpful at showing signs when it needs help and attention. Before you call for help, learn the ten signs that you need help from a pool Read More

5 Signs You Need Swimming Pool Repair

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Save Time & Money, Catch These Issues Early Maybe it hasn’t come to the point of an emergency swimming pool repair, but you can still save yourself time and money by catching small issues before they become big ones. As a pool owner, it may seem silly to inspect your own pool. In some cases, however, these signs are hints your pool is giving you to help fix it up. Learning these five signs will go far to keep your pool in Read More

3 Reasons to Renovate a Swimming Pool in Spring

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Save Time and Avoid Frustration Winter can be a great time to renovate a swimming pool, but the holidays can make it tricky for some people. The second best option is Spring. Here’s why. Imagine yourself here in sunny southern California. It’s March and the weather is just right. The days are warming up, but the nights are still cool. A dip in the pool is a brisk and refreshing way to chill out and relax. Also, with your pool Read More

Prepare for Summer with a Pool Surface Repair

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Get Ready for a Hot Cali Summer Summer isn’t too far away, which is why you should look into getting a pool surface repair for your pool. If your pool is a little old, chances are, your surface isn’t what it used to be. Over time, the surface can wear down, causing some serious problems. These problems can cost you some serious pool time. And in California heat, the last thing you want is an unusable pool. Don’t let that Read More

How Our Pool Resurfacing Service Can Help You Enjoy Your Pool

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Get Your Pool Time Back If your pool is suffering from an uneven surface, stains, potential water leaks, difficulty balancing water chemistry, or maybe you’re just ready for an update, our pool resurfacing service can help you get more enjoyment from your pool. With the help of pool resurfacing service, you no longer have to deal with the uneven surface of your pool. Having an uneven surface is actually bad for your pool and bring a lot of harm to you Read More

Winter is the Best Time for Pool Resurfacing in Long Beach

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Get Ready for a California Summer Don’t wait until summer for pool resurfacing in Long Beach. Take advantage of the cool winter weather and seasonal downtime to maximize your pool time this coming summer.Sure, So. Cal Beach time is nice, but the privacy of your own back yard pool is really where it’s at. It’s where you go to cool down, to relax, and the best place to throw a party. The thing is, you can’t do any of that without Read More