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I asked Alan Smith Pool Plastering for a bid to get a clients (I’m a realtor) pool re-plastered. They were prompt, knowledgeable, offered competitive pricing, and were friendly. We needed the pool re-plaster done ASAP so my client could put his home on the market for sale. Alan Smith rearranged their schedule to accommodate our timing needs. The end result was a great looking pool that will help us sell the home! I highly recommend their services!

Is It Time for Pool Replastering?

Are you tired of the faded, stained, rough, and peeling surface on your pool or spa?

Alan Smith Pools is Southern California’s commercial and residential pool resurfacing and refinishing professionals, and has been for over 3 decades! If it is time for your swimming pool to be resurfaced or refinished, our team would welcome the opportunity to visit your home and personally discuss your pool replastering project in detail.

Choose from our selection of top quality Gemstone Pool surface finishes: White plaster or quartz, Colored plaster or quartz, or our newest offerings- Micro Fusion and Radiant Fusion.  Micro Fusion is smooth to the touch with the durability of a pebble finish. We can also make your pool the talk of the neighborhood with a polished finish or an all glass bead finish. Or, if you want your pool to sparkle in the sun we can add a splash of iridescent glass accents with Pebble Radiance to any pebble finish.


Don’t be mistaken, all pool finishes, cements,  and color pigments are not created equal. There is a reason our company has been serving the Southern California area for over 30 years, and that over 85% of our business come from personal referrals. Check out samples of these amazing Gemstone products at our showroom, just down the street from the Angel Stadium.

Learn more about the benefits of pool plaster repair today.

What our Customers Say About Pool Resurfacing and Pool Replastering at Alan Smith Pools:

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